Smart administration in one CLICK

The bank statement and reconciliation process are a dreaded task by Finance and Account Team members. The task of ensuring that your bank accounts and general ledger balances are in sync sounds simple. But, ensuring that there are no inaccuracies can often be a daunting task whether you work with one bank account, or multiple bank accounts. If you don’t have an intelligent solution enabling automation, the task becomes manual, slow, and costly.

“Seamlessly link your business bank account data with your accounting software”

Accounting is an essential part of your business. To help smooth your accounting processes and give you all the data you need in one place, you can now integrate with your accounting software via DirectBank Link. Your bank transaction will be kept and delivered safely in your administration, automatically upload, create payments and collect files daily.

Imagine starting your day automatically with an actual administration, no matter where you are?

Here are the benefits:

1. Your balances are always current!

By running automatic bank statements daily, your company’s bank balances are immediately current. This provides a much-improved overview, of the actual cash availability across all legal entities, and all bank accounts within the company.

2. Make human errors history

When working with data and transactions, human mistakes happen. With an automated process you avoid frustrating typos and the risk of transposing numbers

3. Make practice easy

DirectBank Link makes practice easy, giving you the time to focus on practice growth. Efficient workflows allow you to serve clients better and focus staff resources on more valuable work.

4. Improve visibility of your cash-flow

The accounting process allows you to stop worrying about chasing customers down to pay their invoices. It will give you the overview of invoices that have been paid and the opportunity to collect unpaid invoices the easy way, and the best way to increase your cash-flow!

5. Smart administration in one CLICK

All payments, both inbound and outbound are automatically booked into your accounting system, in one CLICK.


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Deal only with true exceptions. Your time is now spent handling only valuable tasks that truly do need your attention! Removing dreary, manual work Makes your employees happier!