Meet our new team member!

My name is Berry Poort and since March 1st, 2019 I have been living in the cloud. On this date I started working for Twinfield Caribbean as Account Manager. Twinfield Caribbean is a financial software provider with customers in over 10 different countries in the Caribbean region. All our software is developed in the Netherlands and is cloud-based.

The first few weeks have been a great learning experience and eye-opener at the same time. Until recently I never really associated innovation with Curacao and the greater Caribbean region. Many people complain about the bureaucracy, inefficiency and lack of economic growth. However, after visiting many different customers, other smart software providers on the island and having the pleasure to sit down with representatives from the Central bank of Curacao and the Curacao government I realize innovating and change is actually on many people’s agenda.

Traditionally the Twinfield software was mainly used by accountancy firms and administration offices.  However more and more other sectors realize Twinfield software can add significant value for competitive pricing and can be integrated easily with many point-of-sale solutions. In our customer portfolio we now have large hotels, smaller B&B’s, big multi-island multi-currency retail shops, supermarkets, bookstores and many others.

Twinfield Caribbean can help companies to prepare for the future by making the financial administration fully digital, fully integrated with other software, less of a burden for entrepreneurs and more transparent. Many of our customers use Twinfield in combination with Basecone and DirectBank Link.

Basecone is another cloud-based solution offered by Twinfield Caribbean. Basecone can be used to easily digitalize invoices and declarations and uses intelligence to quickly book these into Twinfield. Authorization flows can be created, and invoices can be approved even through an app on a smartphone. With DirectBank Link bank transactions can be loaded into Twinfield automatically, saving valuable time.

At Twinfield Caribbean we understand change can be daunting and will require some extra effort during a migration process. Within our team we have extensive experience in moving customers to the Twinfield solutions so we can guide our customers during the transition period. After a migration our customers generally wish they had made the switch to Twinfield many years earlier as it provides ease of mind, better insight into the performance of the company, more control and reduces the operational administrative load.

If you are also interested in learning more about life in the cloud feel free to contact us.