The advantage of using Basecone!

Twinfield’s online accounting software allows for having insight into the most recent figures, always and everywhere. In this blog, we like to share another solution offered by Twinfield Caribbean, that is fully integrated with the Twinfield accounting software.

 ‘BASECONE Where accounting magic happens’

A stressful end of the month? Not sure if all invoices have been approved and processed? Still waiting on signature approvals? Basecone can help to automate and optimize the invoice processing.

Basecone is an innovative and efficient way of processing invoices and documents for accountants and businesses. Both electronic and paper invoices can be submitted and processed.

Smart Invoice Processing

With ‘Basecone authorization management’, you can set up workflows, so recurring invoices from certain suppliers are automatically assigned to the right employees for authorization.

The benefits of Basecone: 

  1. Basecone is a 100% cloud solution and always available online
  2. Quickly submit and approve invoices and declarations with a click on your mouse of through your smart phone.
  3. Assign invoices automatically to the right users
  4. Never lose an invoice and keep your accounting always up to date!
  5. Documents are processed in real-time
  6. Efficient and controlled workflow
  7. Full integration with Twinfield online accounting

Basecone can automatically store and archive all documents in the cloud safely and securely!