This time a piece of some one else’s mind. Sometimes it is better to borrow something good instead of creating something less good. As an accountant in business educating young people and giving new knowledge to accountants with a lot of experience I regularly think: As an accountant you need a lot of skill; computing, communicating, changing IFRS etc etc.  Who wants to be the next good accountant that is also an accountant that is good?

How is the evolving finance function shaping careers of aspiring professionals?

By Brenda Lee Tang, Head of Corporate Development, ACCA Caribbean

…. With this in mind, as a professional body, ACCA aims to: reassert what it means to be a finance professional, help ensure that the accounting profession continues to provides variety, intellectual challenge and a high reputation so that we can attract the best talent to our ranks beware of the risk of ‘de-professionalising’ accountants – by avoiding the use of blunt regulation at the expense of professional judgement promote the role of the accounting professional as an individual who can help businesses and individuals manage risk, simplify complexity, foster entrepreneurship and create value to maintain our values of professionalism. In all this, we continue to strive for higher standards and help build a global accounting profession. In other words, we seek to ensure that each ACCA member makes ‘a good accountant’ – and also ‘an accountant that’s good.’”