Request efficient and structured customer information (PBC lists) within a secure online environment. Stand-alone tool and can be used independently

Easily request PBC lists

The annual collection of customer data is a recurring task. It is always a challenge to determine what specific information your customers need to provide and how this data reaches you safely. The process of retrieving data for the annual accounts, audit assignment, on-boarding or declaration often takes many hours of work. DossierFlow offers an efficient, simple and secure solution to streamline this data collection process.

Dynamic templates

Create dynamic templates in your own environment, or use a standard (customizable) template.

Applicable throughout the office

Onboarding new customers (WWFT)

Annual accounts
Income tax
Sustainability reporting

Structured working

Communication within the platform and daily summary of status updates.

Work safely

Securely send and store files with SOC type 1 and 2 certification.

Create overview and structure with a streamlined delivery process

Your customer files completed faster

Retrieving and storing customer documents is often not the most enjoyable part of your job. It is extremely time-consuming to keep track of whether customers have already sent you or your colleagues the correct documents, and whether these documents are correct and complete. There is now a solution for that! With DossierFlow you can easily create templates to request PBC lists or other customer information.


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