Twinfield and his (known) partners in the Caribbean

Twinfield offers various possibilities to process data form external applications. The data can be presented in different formats such as XML or CSV. In order to process data in Twinfield one must have an active user in Twinfield, so user rights can be checked.

In The Netherlands hundreds of partners are integrated with Twinfield. Since the world is online we have the same possibilities too!

In the Caribbean region we know that the following integrations are being used by our customers.



Used by

Supported by Twinfield Caribbean
Basecone Scanning, recognition, authorization workflow Almost every branch
DirectBank Link Daily transaction automatically in Twinfield, create upload file for bank Almost every branch
Ezora Financial Reporting, Operational Reporting, Accounting Automation Multiple stores, high volume
Secure Login Single Sign On Portal Accounting firms, companies caring for security
Other known partners Branche
CounterPoint Inventory / Point of Sale Wholesale / Retail
Untill Inventory / Point of Sale Restaurants
LightSpeed Horeca Inventory / Point of Sale Restaurants
LightSpeed Retail Inventory / Point of Sale Wholesale
Store Management Suite (SMS) Inventory / Point of Sale Wholesale / Supermarket
NewBase ERP / CRM / Subscription / Sales cycles / Inventory Software service company
SalesManager Inventory / Invoicing / CRM  Wholesale
Qics Milestones Time registration / Invoicing Accounting/tax offices
Alure Time registration / Invoicing / Planning / Document management Accounting/tax offices
SharePoint Time registration Trust companies
CUBUS CRM / Time registration / Invoicing Accounting/tax offices
KLEOS CRM / Time registration / Invoicing Accounting/tax offices
TwinCurrency Daily updated OFX rates Accounting/tax offices/Trust
RoomRaccoon Reservations Hotels
Payt Management of receivables Accounting/tax offices
Promedico Practice Management Software Doctors
Nomadesk Filesharing All industries
Speedbooks Reporting Accounting/tax offices
CaseWare Reporting/Files Accounting offices
MLE Reporting/Files Accounting offices
LogicWorks CRM Loan officers/retail/subscriptions
Appraesto CRM Loan officers/retail/subscriptions

Via Excel or CSV import / export

This is a manual data exchange. Inside File Manager in Twinfield documents can
be imported directly after uploading, Twinfield has prepared standard templates that can be found within the knowledge base.

Import and export features that are possible among others:

  • Creditors and debtors master data

  • Purchase and sales journal entries

  • Journal entries

  • Cash / Bank

  • Currency exchange rates

  • and more.

Twinfield Caribbean offers you a training in Excel specific for working with Twinfield combined with Excel. This training is tailored to your knowledge and needs.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Excel?

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