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Twinfield has many years of experience in helping accounting firms look outside the box for limitless possibilities and turn these into real business opportunity. Think of us as your trusted partner, who is dedicated to mutual growth and success. Would you too like to take advantage of our experience and knowledge of accounting practices to make your business more successful? Useful information for accountants. The price model of the accountancy agreement explained.



Twinfield Online Accounting is an easy and intuitive system to work with; but we do advise our customers to follow one of our training courses in order to get maximum value. Our courses delve deep into the system to give you the knowledge you need to make best use of its extensive functionality. Guided by an experienced Twinfield trainer, you’ll soon learn to use Twinfield like a true professional.

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Level 6

The Shared view subscription provides the business owner with real-time insight to the financial accounts, enabling them to keep a finger on the financial pulse and view the detail within the accounts without having to contact you as accountant or bookkeeper.

USD 14,25 p.m.
(USD 15,11 incl VAT, only applicable for Curacao)

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Sales Invoicing

Level Invoicing

With the Sales Invoicing Dashboard subscription, business owners will be responsible for their own sales administration and providing insight to the clients’ payment habits.

Other bookkeeping tasks are the responsibility of the accountant.

USD 16,95 p.m.
(USD 17,97 incl VAT, only applicable for Curacao)

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Invoicing Plus

Level 600

Invoicing Plus is a combination of the Invoicing (Classic style) and Shared View subscriptions. While the accountant carries out the bookkeeping, the business owner retains responsibility for credit management and sales administration and benefits from various reports.

USD 29,00 p.m.
(USD 30,74 incl VAT, only applicable for Curacao)

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level SD

The business owner inputs purchase and sales invoices, manages cash flow and can automatically (input) bank statements. Everything is processed in concept; the accountant retains overall control of the bookkeeping and validates the conceptual additions and changes.

USD 31,50 p.m.
(USD 33,39 incl VAT, only applicable for Curacao)

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level 5

Quick and efficient online accounting. Business owners can carry out their own bookkeeping independently, but also have the flexibility of sharing tasks with their accountant.

USD 42,50 p.m.
(USD 45,05 incl VAT, only applicable for Curacao)

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level 3

The SME Accounting subscription is the ideal subscription for businesses and organisations that want to carry out their own bookkeeping independently and / or want to automate their financial processes.

USD 72,00 p.m.
(USD 76,32 incl VAT, only applicable for Curacao)

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level 1-2

With the Complete Accounting subscription, the business owner will get access to all the tools needed to carry out their own end-to-end bookkeeping. You will get the most out of your administration and make considerable savings on the cost of preparing the end of year financial statements.

USD 106,00 p.m.
(USD 112,36 incl VAT, only applicable for Curacao)

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For an overview of the possibilities of and differences between the different levels, compare.

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