Outsource the bookkeeping, retain visibility

With the Twinfield Shared View subscription (level 6), for just USD 14,25 p.m. (for Curaçao USD 15,11 incl VAT), the business owner has complete visibility of his or her own financial accounts. You will keep a finger on the financial pulse at all times and be able to view your administration whenever you choose, without having to contact your accountant first.


The Power

  • 24/7 Access to your administration anytime, anywhere

  • Online reporting

  • Complete backups and automatic updates

For whom?

The Shared View Subscription is particularly appropriate for those individuals who do not wish to carry out the bookkeeping themselves, but who do wish to retain insight to their financial affairs.


USD 15,50 per user / per month
(for Curaçao USD 16,43 p.m. incl VAT)

View your Accounts Anytime, Anywhere

Your accountant or administration firm carries out the administrative functions. You have full viewing rights, ensuring you are always aware of the latest sales and overall financial status


Twinfield will grow with you. Whenever you need additional functionality, Twinfield makes it easy to upgrade to a more expansive subscription. We will effortlessly and securely transfer your administration to one with more capabilities.

Extensive VAT reporting

With Twinfield, calculating VAT returns and submitting these digitally is easy. Simple, secure – complete your tax return at the touch of a button.

Column Balance

With our column-balance functionality, you will get an overview of the totals of all your accounts ledgers. You can, per line, click back to the original sale and make corrections or adjustments, as required. Another piece of Twinfield functionality that gives you the insight you need

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