The story of a Big Bear, Twinfield and the Makro Store…

Mr Jan v/d Hout started his career in Curacao quite a few years ago at a wholesale and retail company. When the owners went into retirement Jan saw an opportunity to continue the business on the Island. This was the birth of Maxi Wholesale Enterprises and Makro Store as we know it today on the Seru Loraweg. Jan believes that you compete with the level of service that you provide. You set up a solid company, with great service and decent prices. This has always been and still is his motto.

When the Twinfield team met with Jan, he was still working with an accounting platform called Grote Beer (this is Dutch for Big Bear). Because it is a platform that still operates in DOS, it has become more and more challenging to utilize on newer computers. He realized that in the near future he would not be able to continue using this platform as there were no updates available.

Jan was on the look-out for a new partner in accounting, but he had some specific guidelines that he was looking for and he had a hard time finding an appropriate option. When the Twinfield Caribbean team first met with Jan he was quite hesitant as he was working with Grote Beer since 1990. He knew the program inside out, and here came this new, in the cloud, innovative option that was not his trusted platform from over 30 years.

But the Twinfield team did not give up, they had multiple meetings with Jan, walking him through the different features they had to offer. They took it one little step at a time, however Jan was not easily impressed, he was very comfortable with the way he had been going about his finances with Grote Beer. Team Twinfield set up a Demo account for Jan for 4 weeks free of charge to test out everything Twinfield had to offer.

Jan of course took full advantage and an awesome adventure started into the world of Twinfield. He did a thorough investigation into every feature Twinfield had to offer, he had numerous questions. Team Twinfield answered each carefully selected question in full detail. Then something wild happened, Jan got excited as a new world of options had opened to him.

The 1st thing he said was my world, if I had known what I know now I would have switched YEARS ago. So of course, Team Twinfield asked Jan what else he had noticed in his journey of discovery during his 30 day free Trial. Here is his report in his own words:

“ I was not very excited about moving from my on premise solution to a cloud based solution. I felt like I had no control over my data and at any time I could lose access to my info. Or if I decided to not continue with Twinfield for some reason I would lose my data. I felt like anyone that works for Team Twinfield could access and look at my data without my permission. Once I realized that all my information was completely private and could only be accessed by anyone with my permission, I was relieved.

  • I actually like the fact that it’s in the cloud, I noticed that security is air-tight with the 2 step verification process. I can actually go see my daughter who lives abroad and still access all my info from anywhere, this is great.
  • When I book the banks Twinfield automatically shows me whether everything pans out and only THEN I am able to proceed. This is a great verification that all my data is accurate.
  • Descriptions used to take me so much time to type again and again, now Twinfield automatically populates the descriptions, this is a big time-saver for me.
  • Debtors and creditors are very easily displayed and approved.
  • The reporting is exceptional and clearly reveals errors, which then are easily traced down by a few clicks.

Of course, Team Twinfield wanted to hear more so they had a few more questions for Jan afterwards to make sure they fulfilled all that was promised ahead of time:

How was your transition to Twinfield?

I wouldn’t even call it a transition; it was so easy. Team Twinfield did everything, I did nothing, just sent my data file from Grote Beer. The next day I continued my work in Twinfield and all my information was in my Twinfield account.

How was the service and support so far?

Great everything went very smooth, so I did not have any challenges that required too much support.

If you could describe Twinfield in a few sentences how would you do that?

“Software should be a helpful tool, it should facilitate my workflow. I should not have to adapt to a software. Twinfield fully adapts to how a business is run, I love that fact.

Twinfield is a very straightforward and fast tool. Tasks that used to take me hours now take minutes. And because there is automatic backup running around the clock my work is never lost. I don’t have to worry about IT or hardware replacements, security etc. Everything is in the cloud and if there is an issue, I don’t have to finance it or worry about it anymore.

I would recommend everyone to switch over to Twinfield, you will not regret it 100% guaranteed, or you can come bite Uncle Jan’s head off”

We thank Mr Jan for giving Team Twinfield a chance to Wow him, and we look forward to our next challenge. We love simplifying the lives of our clients and partners.

If you would like to see what we can do for you, schedule a free consult, who knows, you might be our next Twinfield success story!