User Success Story Mr Bauke Feenstra

The Faculty for Accounting, Finance & Marketing of the University of Aruba is also a happy Twinfield user. The FEF incorporated a Twinfield course in the curriculum of their 2nd years Accounting & Finance students. As our Twinfield account-manager Mariana and Founder Edwin had their virtual coffee-date with Mr Feenstra (a faculty member of the FEF) this was the start of a fun interview:

Mr Feenstra, how did you start with Twinfield?

I already knew Edwin, he was doing business in Aruba at the time. Since we are both into the accounting field we circled in the same groups. I was invited to one of his presentations about Twinfield, at that time I was working part-time at the University I was using a different accounting solution. A few years later my colleagues and I evaluated this platform and wanted to try something else, a more advanced accounting software to use as a standard. Edwin gave us a crash course in Twinfield. We tried Twinfield and liked it immediately.

What do you like most about working with Twinfield?

I love how functional the Twinfield package is, it is relatively simple, user friendly, modern and it was the first company that started executing accounting in the cloud. Twinfield is the leader in the field of financial software which is an extremely sensitive branch. Twinfield operated very well, the support is very good, whenever I need help, I get very quick response from the support team.

What was the reason you added a Twinfield course to the curriculum of your students?

In my experience the internal control of the Twinfield software is solid, I would go as far to say that it is fraud-proof. With other accounting software that I have used, it is easy to delete transactions, also the audit trail is weak. Also, the fact that it was the first cloud-based software tells me that as far as security they are the leader in the industry. A company’s finances contains extremely sensitive information, for me this is a particularly important factor. The Twinfield brand is prestigious, but it is quite simple and quick to implement and use, so the best of both worlds.

How did you implement it into the Curriculum?

After my colleagues and I decided to implement Twinfield into the curriculum I contacted the Head office and Edwin told me that in Europe they did the same thing at the Universities there. In cooperation with Ernst & Young, Hogeschool Utrecht already had a set curriculum for me that I could adapt to our specific cases. I received fantastic support from all the stakeholders during this process which of course was a big bonus.

How was your transition to Twinfield?

Honestly, it was exceptionally smooth, students and we as teachers were enrolled in a Twinfield course. I received an ample amount of support during this process from the Twinfield team. I obtained the teaching materials right away as well. Students like working with Twinfield, because it has a basic, simple structure and works with the same bookkeeping system as they have learned in their classes.

What advice would you give someone that is contemplating switching to Twinfield currently?

Exactly what I tell my students, other software programs are okay to use. However, if you are going to be a corporation’s financial controller or administrator Twinfield is advisable. With the general ledger, the controls in creating invoices and the option of provisional or final bookings, Twinfield has numerous anti-fraud measures in place. This will give you better oversight and help you perform your internal controls more efficiently. On top of that it is cloud-based and it comes in the form of a monthly subscription. This means your start-up cost is minimal and you can use it from anywhere at any time.

If you could describe Twinfield in a few keywords what would they be?

Advanced technologically, modern, functional, fraud proof, great support.