User Success Story Ton Jensen, Bonaire

In 2013 Mr Jensen decided to start his own administration firm, the firm he acquired was already operating with Twinfield. At that time online accountancy software was a bit before its time, most companies were still working with programs that were running locally from a server.

Mr Jensen travelled very often so he was actively looking for an online solution,  Twinfield for him was a match made in heaven. His favorite aspect about the Twinfield Smart Accounting solution was that it was cloud based. This meant he could perform his day to day activities anywhere in the world as long as he had a pc, laptop or tablet and a stable internet connection at his disposal.

Mr. Jensen and the Twinfield team at this point were facing a challenge, it was October of 2013 and their administration was, as most administrations,  a bit behind. Mr. Jensen ideally desired to complete his finances for 2013 as soon as possible. This meant not only did we need to catch up but also make sure the migration would happen fast and faultless.

The 1st thing Mr Jensen noticed was that Twinfield was very user friendly, his clients were able to import data and with the direct link to the bank [DirectBank Link] it saved him so much “busy-work”. He was able to do less data entry & correction and more analysis, advisory and consulting for his clients. This fulfilled an enormous need amongst his client-base.

Another big change for Mr. Jensen was the fact that with Twinfield he received a birds-eye view of his booking years. The transition with his previous platform was a bit of a challenge. In his words: “ Twinfield is so user friendly, once we show our clients the ropes they are also extremely excited and we are able, through our custom reports, to give them solid and reliable advice on how to increase their business and cashflow.”

Continuing with our story, we had a challenge to overcome, long story in nutshell, not only did we as team (Mr Jensen and the Twinfield support team) perform the migration in record time. By the end of 2013 we had their administration completely up to date AND we were able to close off the year on December 31st 2013.  Needless to say we celebrated with a glass of Champagne!

Mr Jensen is also one of our All-In clients, this means he not only uses Twinfield but also our add-on products such as DirectBank Link, Basecone & Ezora.

His feedback was as follows:

DirectBank Link

 “Saves so much time, I have all the info I need right there in Twinfield without having to do anything, it’s all automatically imported daily”.


 This tool is one of my favorites, so handy. Especially because I work with companies whose main headquarters are overseas, approval for invoices often took a lot of time in the past. Or we would have situations were due to the volume sometimes receipts were lost. Now with Basecone we immediately scan the invoices and receipts, the authorizers can in real time view and approve them. At This Time we are working on a construction project and this saves so much time due to the fact that the investors are overseas. The accountant can log into Twinfield at any time and have all the data he needs to perform his work. No more waiting and running after folks.


“I used to do the bookkeeping for Van der Valk in Bonaire and Ezora was fantastic. The executive team could see exactly what was going on in Bonaire, from their Ezora dashboard in Holland 24-7 with the click of a mouse. This is truly a phenomenal solution for businesses to not only see their financials, but their whole business in 1 dashboard.”

Finally, Mr Jensen said he has been extremely pleased with the support he received from the Twinfield team during the transition and thereafter.

His advice to anyone considering starting with Twinfield as follows:

“Take the step and start with Twinfield, I have used other software and I would advise anyone to choose for Twinfield. It is very easy to use; you can switch over effortlessly. We moved over 2 administration years in 1 day (ledger account & all). We moved over at the end of a year and were able to complete the year on time and successfully”


We would like to thank Mr. Jensen for sharing is fantastic user success story with us. We love working with him just as much as he enjoys the cooperation with us.